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Aug 3, 2010

Vacation: Pismo, CA

Pismo Beach has become somewhat of a tradition for us. This is a trip we joined in on. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins have been going to Pismo every year in the summer for over 20 years. We have gone the last 2.
We go up North for a long weekend and stay at Pismo Coast Village RV Resort. The group we go with goes up a year ahead of time to reserve between 5-10 spots. Everyone stays in campers, either theirs or rentals and a few of the kids stay in tents (that annoyingly have to be broken down every morning). The last two years we have slept in my truck which is not very comfortable, but next year we are hoping to rent a trailer with my cousin and her boyfriend.
The campground itself is really nice. It is located right on the beach and has nice big spaces with a grass area and picnic table for each. There is a good sized, and as usual, overally priced camp store (like most are). A small arcade, activity room, and swimming pool. Right outside the campground about 1/2 - 1 mile down the road is the small main street. The first day we are there we usually walk into town and go to Hoagies. There is usually a line out the door at meal times but it is so worth it! They have great burgers and I can't help but get the Cali Burger every time we go. After lunch we might hit the stores or walk down to the little pier. We typically spend a lot of time at the campground around the fire and socializing.  Throughout the day we walk over the sand berm to the beach with our little dog "J".  Enjoying the ocean view and sunshine, although it is too cold to swim.
The time of year we go the Strawberry Festival is in town for the weekend and that is how we spend our Saturday. The whole group piles in a couple of cars and we all drive the 3 miles or so to the festival. Once we get there we all typically split up and run into each other throughout. My Love and I like to "window" shop mostly and look at the art and woodworking. I always get a funnel cake with fresh strawberries. Yum! They have tons of strawberry treats at the festival, as you could imagine, and the best strawberries you can buy (we get a flat). There is great music playing, tons of cute little booths and lots to spend your vacation money on. This year I was lucky enough to get a new purse. After we all finish browsing and shopping we head out, buying the strawberries on the way out so we don't carry them around all day.
Back at the camp it is fend for yourself for lunch and dinner is a pot luck. My Love and I bring our little dog Jake with us and often take him up on the beach to run around, but the scardy cat is afraid of the water and refuses to go in. We walk the beach and watch the sun set. The next day is very relaxed and social at camp and everyone packs up to leave bright and early. It is a great romantic/family trip. We look forward to it every year.

Destination: Pismo Beach

Points of Interest:
Pismo Coast Village RV Resort http://www.pismocoastvillage.com/
Hoagies - Cali Burger http://www.yelp.com/biz/hoagies-sandwiches-and-grill-pismo-beach
Strawberry Festival

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