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Feb 11, 2011

Day Trip: Oak Alley Plantation (Vacherie, LA)

We often visit Louisiana since My Love's family lives there.  And given that Louisiana is not one of the most exciting places to visit we try and take short little day trips when we go.
This trip was to a beautiful plantation called Oak Alley.  It is a 55 mile drive from Baton Rouge or New Orleans.  But the drive is not too bad, there is no Los Angeles traffic in Louisiana so when google maps says it takes an hour it really only takes an hour.  After the drive you pull up to a breath taking property with a row of (I think) 13 giant oaks on either side of the drive way leading up to the house.  It is incredible!
After parking My Love and I walked around the property a bit on our own.  But to go inside the house you have to pay for the tour.  It was a $5 "donation" when we went.  But checking the website it seems that they have raised it to a massive $18 per person.  Which is a lot but still not terrible compared to other plantation tours.  The tour takes you through the home where you can see the original furniture and amazing architecture of the time.  The tour comes along with an ear full of history, and depending on your tour guide it can actually be really fun and interesting.  The tour is not too long, maybe 30 minutes or so.  After the tour they suggest getting something to eat at their restaurant.
The restaurant looked nice enough, but we didn't eat there.  We finished up the trip with a walk through the gift shop where we bought some pralines and our magnet.
In total the trip is worth making if you enjoy the history, natural beauty and the antiques like we do.  The property alone is worth the trip.  And if that is enough for you, you could probably skip the house tour, for the new $18 price.

Destination: Oak Alley Plantation

Points of Interest:
Oak Alley Plantation http://www.oakalleyplantation.com/

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