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Feb 14, 2011

Moorpark Country Club (Moorpark, CA)

So the country club life may not seems accessible to everyone but at this hidden gem it is.  Moorpark Country Club is located back in the mountains between Moorpark and Fillmore.  The club itself is only a few miles off of the 118 freeway, so not hard to get to but far enough back in the hills to give it some prestige.  The club sits at the top of the hills, and the restaurant overlooks the mountains and the lush green golf course.  It is picturesque.  And all of this high profile lifestyle is open to the public.  Since, Moorpark Country Club is a private/public club non-members can dine and golf there.  I am not a golfer, so I dine.
Picture From: http://www.moorparkgolf.com/
The restaurant is very nicely decorated and gives a welcoming but classy feel.  There are large windows to allow for a view of the hills and course.  I enjoy eating inside when it is cold, or if it is too windy (which it does occasionally get a bit windy in the mountains).  But, most of the time the weather is great so we prefer to eat out on the patio.  There is a patio cover, to provide shade, but the open air and sunshine are still all around.  There is also lounge style furniture outside and a fire pit.  And if you eat there in the evening there are patio heaters.  All the amenities you really want.  The wait staff is very professional, but also friendly.
So, about the food... We have been here quite a few times, because we enjoy it so much, so I will tell you about a few of our favorites.  But this is not all in one sitting...
For a starter we usually order the Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi, it is served with maybe 8 or so slices of ahi with a flavorful crust, wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce.  With a sesame seaweed salad, and a hot miso soup.  It is fantastic and enough for a light meal for one if desired.  Now if you want a salad the Louie Salad is unique and delicious.  It is a bit heavy for a salad, but that is probably why I like it so much! It has tons of crab and shrimp which makes it more filling.  The Louie also has avocado and hard boiled eggs served in 1000 island dressing.  It is good.  Much better then a mundane ceaser.  My Love almost always gets the BBQ Bacon Cheese which is such a good burger.  I get it myself sometimes, especially to get their fries.  The club's fries are hands down my favorite fries anywhere.  The burger has the typical ingredients: Angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, but all of the highest quality which really MAKES the burger.  The fries deserve some explanation, these are thin fries with an amazing seasoning/crust and I think they are double fried to give them a perfect crunch (if you can't tell, I am drooling a little bit just talking about them).  To be honest I occasionally order a side of fries, no matter what entr√©e I get, even if its fries and a salad, they are just that good!  Finally, one of our new favorites is the Stuffed Chicken.  This dish is flavorful, and mouth-watering.  This hot breaded boneless chicken breast is stuffed with spinach, herbs, and a 3 cheese blend and topped with Florentine sauce. All I can say is wow... it is creamy and tasty and filling but not heavy.  My Love likes to get the garlic mash potatoes or steamed veggies on the side and I get the brown vegetable rice.  This is a definite "try it!".
Everything listed here is on the lunch menu, I heard they recently redid the dinner menu, so another adventure for next time.  Or for YOU to tell me about...
There is pretty much no way to go wrong here.  Ventura County is such a nice place, and beautiful, a meal at the club feels like you are being spoiled.  And who doesn't want to be spoiled sometimes.

Destination: Moorpark, CA

Points of Interest:
Moorpark Country Club http://www.moorparkgolf.com/

Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi
Louie Salad
BBQ Bacon Cheese
Stuffed Chicken
French Fries

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