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Feb 13, 2011

Joy Sushi (Whittier, CA)

Okay, so Whittier is not a vacation destination, but it is where we resided for a few years, so in case you ever find yourself out in Whittier, CA here is a suggestion for a GREAT place to eat!
Photo from: http://www.joysushi.com/index.html
We absolutely love sushi, but I know it is an acquired taste so this post might be one for you to skip if the thought of raw fish makes you queasy.  For those of you who are sushi lovers like we are, this random inland sushi place is fantastic.  
Joy Sushi is located in the Whitwood Plaza off of Whittier Blvd.  It is placed along a row of meager fast food/dine in places that fall close to short of edible (minus Panera Bread).  But when you walk inside Joy Sushi you are pleasantly surprised.  It has a great atmosphere.  It is definitely date worthy, nice leather booths, dim lighting, a nice sushi bar, and the sushi chefs and wait staff dress in Asian/professional attire.  And everyone is friendly, but not annoyingly friendly, which can sometimes be a problem in sushi restaurants.
The most important part of a restaurant is obviously the food, so let me tell you what delicious things we ate...
We started out with one of our favorites, jalapeño poppers, which at Joy's are called Jalapeño Bombs and they were the best, hands down, I have ever had! And they had some heat so be prepared.  To follow the perfect start we ordered some specialty rolls (you CANNOT go to a sushi restaurant and order the entrées, you can get chicken anywhere).  We almost always undoubtedly get the Dynamite Roll (crab meat, scallops, cucumber, avocado +) anywhere we go, but it WAS dynamite here.  We also could not pass up the Volcano Roll (served hot, crab, cucumber, avocado, +), I am always intrigued with rolls that are served hot because that is just not how I expect sushi to be made.  To follow, we had the Baked Lobster Roll (lobster, crab, avocado, cucumber), and really, need I say more?  Finally, the Rattlesnake Roll (spicy tuna, crab, jalapeño +), which is basically a spicy tuna roll with a kick in the pants.
All of the sushi was great! The bill wasn't terrible either right around $60 for an appetizer and 4 specialty rolls.  Definitely, not somewhere to go often, unless you can afford to, but worth going for something special.  However, don't misunderstand, it is nice on the inside but it is not a sit down steak house.  It is in a shopping center...but FANTASTIC!

Destination: Whittier, CA

Points of Interest:
Joy Sushi http://www.joysushi.com/index.html
Jalapeño Bombs
Dynamite Roll
Volcano Roll
Baked Lobster Roll
Rattlesnake Roll

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