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Mar 6, 2011

Day Trip: Hooters & 3rd Street Promenade & Sprinkles (Santa Monica & Beverly Hills, CA)

So...I am back!  Today was the first, of what I foresee as being many, double dates.  My cousin and her boyfriend went out to Santa Monica today with My Love and I after church this morning.  We headed towards the beach to walk the Promenade and get lunch at Hooters.  I had been to the Promenade before but only been able to do a quick walk through.  Today we got to leisurely enjoy ourselves.
When we made it out to Santa Monica we were all starving and because of My Love's job we get a discount at Hooters.  My Love and I had never been there and thought it would be a fun "check it off my list" place to go.  We went in greeted with a "HELLO, WELCOME TO HOOTERS" by the two most peppy girls I have ever encountered.  After regaining my composure from peppy shock/overload we were seated by our very nice waitress.  We all decided we had to order some wings, so we ordered 20 hot wings bone-in and breaded for the table.  I got a side of 911 sauce since I tend to like my food on fire and for some odd reason no one else really likes it that way.  The wings were good, different, but good.  The 911 sauce was great and definitely the way I would order if I was eating alone.  Because of all of the wings I ordered a "light" lunch.  The Grilled Cheese Platter.  My Love ordered a Western BBQ Burger.  The meals were good not great but good.  The prices were as expected, minus the wings which were priced a little high, but I assume that's because they are a tourist staple.
After lunch we walked down a block to the Promenade.  We spent about 2 hours walking in and out of stores.  Just window shopping, as none of us can afford too much "extra" shopping these days.  But it was a lot of fun.  The boys went in stores like Brookstone, and hat stores.  While my cousin and I went in every clothing store that catered to young blue collar women.  As there are quite a few stores that are above our income status.  The fun part about the Promenade is that it is outdoors and there are street performers in the middle.  While most you just walk by and sway to the music for the 20ft you can hear them we did stop at one group.  There was an eclectic group of male break dancers who put on an entertaining little show.  But after they finished we were ready to move on.
Picture From: http://www.chicagobites.com/2010/07/sprinkles-grand-opening.htm
My cousin doesn't drive into la as much as we do so she wanted to stop at the coveted Sprinkles Cupcakes while we were in the general neighborhood.  So we drove over to Beverly Hills and found Sprinkles with only a line to the door instead of flowing out of it.  And there I walked up the steps to cupcake heaven.  I thought the hype was just a mass hysteria craze but it is that good!  My Love and I shared a Lemon Cupcake and it was delicious.  But heavy, the cake is great the icing is very good but on the heavy side.  But because it's heavy, even though you want 2 or 3...or 4 you don't need that many.  However, at the surprisingly cheap price of $3.50 a cupcake you can get 4 if you want.
Sprinkles was a nice end to our day of leisure!  It was great to do something fairly inexpensive and get out of the house and spend time together!

Destination: Santa Monica, CA
Beverly Hills, CA

Points of Interest:
Hooters http://www.hooters.com/home.aspx
20 Hot Wings Bone-In Breaded 
Grilled Cheese Platter
Western BBQ Burger
3rd Street Promenade http://www.thirdstreetpromenade.org/visitors/index.html
Sprinkles Cupcakes http://www.sprinkles.com/
Lemon Cupcake

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