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Mar 8, 2011

Kiku Sushi (Camarillo, CA)

Photo From: Yelp via Amanda B.
So, I know I have already written about how great Joy Sushi in Whittier, CA was but oh man I think we may have surpassed Joy's. Tonight we went to Kiku Sushi in Camarillo, CA and it was incredible! It is in a small and quaint shopping center and is a casual dining place. The restaurant is a good size and has a large sushi bar in the middle and tables everywhere else.
We ordered a ton of food like we always do when we go out for sushi, but at this place we learned that the food is unusually served in a family style kind of way. All of the dishes are pretty large in size.
When we asked what the waiter suggested he said everything is pretty popular, so I jokingly replied "I guess it's all just
that good."
To start we ordered the Tempura Calamari, which was fine but nothing special, and compared to the rest of the dinner, kind of flavorless. Then, we each ordered a bowl of Spicy Shrimp Miso Soup. This soup was spicy...and yummy. But, it was not a bowl of soup it was more like a bucket. Okay, it was not really a bucket but it was a bowl large enough to feed 4 people. Thus, we did end up taking a whole orders worth home, but that's okay, more for later. Besides our 2 appetizers we ordered 3 of the most delicious roles I have ever had!
Red Roll
Photo From: Yelp via Lisa W.
Off of the "specials" we ordered the Red Roll which was a blended mix of crab with shrimp tempura on the inside, wrapped in soy paper with a layer of yellow-fin tune, topped with row and an amazing sauce (our favorite) . The Dynamite Roll was a crab roll topped with scallops and mushroom slivers and baked. It had some other stuff too it was topped with, but I couldn't tell you what it is without a menu and unfortunately they don't have a website. The third roll (I am blanking on the name) was a crab roll topped with tuna with a little bit of row topped with another delightful sauce. And was also very good.
Somehow we managed to finish everything but the one order of soup, I guess it really was that good.
The bill was pricey but the norm for sushi. And it was well worth it! My Love even said it was worth driving for...since it is about 30 minutes away.

Destination: Camarillo, CA

Points of Interest: Kiku Sushi & Grill http://www.vcstar.com/news/2008/Nov/26/raw-creativity/

Tempura Calamarif
Spicy Shrimp Miso Soup
Red Roll
Dynamite Roll

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  1. Wow, this used to be Ozeki. I had no idea it had been replaced since I wasn't really a fan. I'll have to check it out.