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Mar 19, 2011

Baciare Ristorante (Whittier, CA)

Well...unfortunately for us we are no longer located in Whittier and thus will not be enjoying Baciare Ristorante any longer.  Except on the rare occasion that we find ourselves down there visiting friends or passing by in which case we will be treating ourselves, because this restaurant is AMAZING!
Photo From: baciareristorante.com
Finding this place was solely by chance...using the shake App by Urbanspoon to try and discover a new place to eat.  And it worked!  We wanted to enjoy a night out and Italian sounded perfect.  Baciare Ristorante is located in Uptown Whittier which was very convenient for us.  We dressed up a bit and headed to the restaurant.  When we arrived we realized that it was in the same location of what used to be an awful Mexican restaurant.  Which made us realize why we had never been there and why only one other couple was inside on a Friday night around 7o'clock.  But I sincerely hope that people start to notice this place and tell their friends as I did and do.
Inside the restaurant the dining room is pretty small but our waiter who may also be an owner told us that they are in the process of remodeling to make this smaller room a bar/lounge and the closed bigger dining room the main dining room.  Plus they have an outside patio, where they are planning on putting a fire pit and lounge furniture.
Besides getting over the slight awkwardness of being one of two couples in the room the decor was very nice.   A semi-formal to casual feel.
The food changed the whole mood.  We went from feeling awkward to being totally focused on how incredible the food was!  I have never eaten every bite of things I was sure I didn't like...but I did!
When you are seated they bring out bread and olive oil.  This bread was straight out of the oven.  Hot fresh bread may as well be my kryptonite.  This bread was to die for, and I don't say that lightly.  When we finely got over the bread and decided to look through the menu we ordered Bruschetta as an appetizer.  And let me tell you, I do not like tomatoes...but I fought My Love for the last piece!   To me most bruschetta is just bread ruined by the overpowering taste of tomato.  But this had such a complex flavor, and was again on fresh bread.  It was incredible!  And a must order!  For myself I had a Ravioli in white wine sauce.  If I recall correctly it was stuffed with mozzarella and mushrooms.  It was so good that even when I was stuffed I could not stop eating it.  Leaving it behind or even forcing it to live in a to-go box and being reheated seemed to be a travesty I just could not bare.  My Love ordered Spaghetti Bolognese.  His was also far beyond the typical spaghetti, this is a true Italian restaurant, their pasta is made in house!  Oh my gosh I am ready to jump in the car and make the two hour drive right now!!
After enjoying are fantastic dinner we were happily surprised with the bill.  Although the menu does of course show the prices we hadn't really paid much attention because our intention for the night was to splurge.  But monetarily, we had not.  This place with all of its Italian food glory is actually quite inexpensive!  HURRAY!  We may have spent around $40 for the two of us to have two entrées and an appetizer.  And I think that was including tax....crazy!
So, now that you have finished reading this click on the link for the address and start driving!  It is so worth it!  And if you don't believe me check the 20+ reviews on Yelp that rave about this place.  I think everyone who eats here feels the need to share, it's inhuman not to!

Destination:  Whittier, CA

Point of Interest: Baciare Ristorante http://www.baciareristorante.com/
Spaghetti Bolognese

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