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Apr 21, 2011

Movie Review: Buried

So.... I know I have been seriously neglecting my blog but I am trying!! I have been so busy and the past two days I have been so sick.  BUT, I am here now!
Since I was sick yesterday My Love and I sat down to watch some movies.  He had heard that Buried was really good and we both like Ryan Reynolds so we picked it up from Blockbuster, on blu-ray.
Well, let me start out by warning you that the first 30 seconds or so is black with little to no sound but it is playing.  Then, let me tell you that there is a lot of black screen in this movie.  Or a lot of box.  ONLY box.  There is not one scene in this whole movie that does not take place in this box....
So, as far as the film goes, well... it stinks.  Ryan Reynolds is great but there is not nearly enough going on in the movie.  It starts out with him locked in this box, buried underground, panicking and stays that way the whole time.  There is no change in this movie to keep you interested, no hope, no change of scenery, nothing...  So as much as I love Ryan we both turned to each other at the end and said "why did he do this movie???"
All in all just keep walking right by this movie and pick something else.

2 of 4 Thumbs (two only for the acting)

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