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Apr 27, 2011

Movie Review: Easy A

A shockingly good movie!
I am not a fan of the type of comedy that is taking over and I was sure this movie was going to be just like all the others.  But it wasn't!  Granted it had its fill of "over the top" humor with the Christian Club but it wasn't too bad.
Easy A actually had a great story for once with a pretty good message in the end.  The main character Olive (Emma Stone) was lovable and relatable.  She was smart, cute, honest (even though she is lying), caring, and mature.  Qualities that the average teen movie main character either does not possess or is played way down to make them funnier.  But not Olive, she was a real person.  And Emma Stone did a really great job playing this character.  She was very funny and talented at physical comedy but also pulled off the more dramatic scenes perfectly!  I was impressed and happily surprised!
This movie really reminded me of the good old 80's teen movies in essence.  It had some true substance and good acting which I terribly miss right about now!  I really appreciated the intelligence Olive possessed in this movie.  Finally, something that says it is good to be smart.
I definitely suggest watching this.  It is funny and not heavy, and most importantly not stupid.  Rent it!

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