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May 8, 2011

36 Hour Road Trip: Northern CA

Well the wedding is in 33 days and we finally made a quick trip up north to go cake tasting and meet the caterer and wedding planner.  Even though it was a super quick trip: over 1000 miles in 36 hours, we did get to do a couple neat things.

The first is crossing the bridge in San Francisco.  Not THE bridge but a bridge and I thought it was neat.  Then we made it to Sonoma, CA where we stayed with a couple of friends who were very nice to let us crash there.  The next morning we took a beautiful drive up to PCH for the cake tasting and then to the wedding site.  It was a windy road but a gorgeous drive and a nice way to spend a couple of hours together.  We tend to laugh and goof around in the car a lot on road trips.  I know some people hate being stuck in the car together for hours but it is always really fun for us!  The best part of this trip was the impromptu soundtrack that seemed to be happening.  The stations out on the PCH can be far and few between and during one stent we could only get one station clearly and boy did it seem to fit...
After we did our amazing cake tasting at Franny's Cup and Saucer in Point Arena, CA we continued on to Fort Bragg, CA (the wedding location).  We were there early so we stopped and had lunch at Silver's at The Wharf.  We shared a bowl of the yummy clam chowder, which we are also ordering for our wedding.  Then I had a shrimp roll and My Love had the silver burger.  The shrimp roll is kind of like a shrimp po-boy without being fried (so better, and better for you).  There is bay shrimp, tossed with mayo and green onions, lemon juice and spices, with melted jack cheese, on a french roll.  The silver burger has roundman's natural ground chunk, topped with grilled onions and chipotle-avocado mayo.
After lunch we had some time to kill and we went over to a specialty store called the Glass Fire Gallery.  And looked at all of their beautiful pieces, things that we hope to own one day.

Point Arena, Ca
Fort Bragg, Ca

Points of Interest:
Silver's at The Wharf      http://www.wharf-restaurant.com/
New England Clam Chowder
Shrimp Roll
Silver Burger
Franny's Cup and Saucer     http://www.frannyscupandsaucer.com/wedding-cakes-dessert-tables/
Glass Fire Gallery   http://www.glassfiregallery.com/about_us_1.html

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