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I am a new wife and a new addition to the adult world. I have finally started my career as a teacher and I am trying to live my life while waiting for the next step (house and family). I am trying to keep up with my love for writing. I do it because it allows me to relive an adventure already taken or to create an experience I may not have had. I am currently teaching, trying to write a book, working on this blog, and loving on my adorable and awesome husband.

May 22, 2011

Cooking for My Love:

So... we had a great time with our friends last night.  And the cake recipe went over wonderfully!  Everyone loved the peanut butter cake, and with the frosting it tasted like banana bread.
And I don't want to forget to mention the salsa that everyone always asks for the recipe of.  It is the best pot-luck recipe ever!! Cheap and easy to make and sooo good!
Cookem' up and have some friends over!  Game Night!



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