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Aug 4, 2011

Honeymoon in Fiji (SavuSavu) Part 1

So, life has finally settled in. I am married and my husband and I both have new jobs we just started last week. I am fully prepared to write again, and hopefully fully funded to take some more trips to share with everyone.

Well if you are a Bachelorette fan and you watched the last two episodes of the season you saw where we stayed on our honeymoon. How cool is that! We had no idea. But the Koro Sun Resort was not only the location for the show but also the location for our incredible honeymoon!

The day after the wedding we hopped on a plane from Santa Rosa to LAX. Then waited 6 hours and got on our Air Pacific flight to Nadi, Fiji. And wow that was a LONG (11hr) flight in coach! Word to the wise opt for first class (there is no business to Fiji) and if you can't do that. Ask to sit in the back on the sides (if there are 2 of you). The last 10 rows or so of the plane are 2 seats to a row vs. 3. And there is extra space on the window seat to stretch your legs or spread your stuff out. Once we made it to Nadi it was another 45ish minutes till our next hour flight to Savu Savu. And landing in Savu Savu it looks like there is no runway but there is. And then there is a little outdoor "airport". Yeah...

On arrival we were promptly picked up by the resort driver, in a less then amazing van (without air). At this point I was a little nervous...12+ hours of flying and a crappy car what did I get us into???

We took a 10min drive along the coast until we reached Koro Sun Resort. Where we were greeted with foot massages, much needed. And a yummy island drink (non-alcoholic). We filled out a little bit of paperwork and were taken to our room. When we walked in they were still cleaning (which happened a couple times during our stay) so we went back to the restaurant to have breakfast. We enjoyed a delicious meal and headed back to our amazing room. When we got upstairs I looked out the window, and it was dry land.....we were in an edgewater bungalow that was supposed to be hanging over the ocean. After a moment of disappointment and panic my husband pointed out that it was probably low-tide. Well, we took a much needed nap and by the time we woke up I realized he was right. The water was everywhere I could see.

We headed to lunch (since we stayed at an all-inclusive resort there were 3 served meals a day). And after lunch we grabbed some snorkel gear and hit the beach. The resort had a tiny private beach and as soon as we got in the water you could see fish everywhere. It was absolutely gorgeous!!

Destination: Savu Savu, Fiji
Points of Interest: Koro Sun Resort http://www.korosunresort.com/

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