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Aug 25, 2011

Bowtie Pasta


Well, I made the pasta and it was very yummy!!  I forgot to take a picture (slap on the wrist) so I will have to take one when I get home since there are plenty of leftovers.  Although there really isn't much to see since I made a much less involved version than the recipe.  I basically just made the sauce.  It says to ad nuts (which I don't like), fresh Parmesan (which I don't have) and parsley (which I never bother buying, because it is usually just a garnish).
Besides my lack of beauty the taste was great!  The only thing that was disappointing was the texture of the sauce.  As I poured in the pint of heavy cream it went from thick (cheese, garlic and butter) to super thin and liquidy.  And I personally prefer a thicker sauce.  However, when it tossed with the pasta it stuck really well so it wasn't like a pasta sitting on top of a liquid sauce.
The cooking process was pretty easy and quick minus dissolving the bouillon cube.  Which after about 15 minutes a just mashed into the sauce instead...we were hungry.  The recipe says to add it at the same time at the cheese but I personally think it just makes the mixture too thick to effectively melt the cube...maybe you'll have better luck if you try it.  Let me know!
But I will definitely make this again!  And possibly throw in some sun-dried tomatoes next time for some added flavor (since I skipped the nuts).

Recipe: http://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/2011/05/anniversary-bowtie-asparagus-pasta.html

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