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Feb 3, 2012

New York

New York for the weekend.
It sounds like such a hoity toity thing to do but that's what we did.  The Hubster was actually going for work anyway but had a full 2.5 days off.  Being that I had never been before and ticket prices weren't atrocious we decided I should meet him there.  So I flew out Friday afternoon and arrived in Newark, New Jersey by Friday evening.  Lucky me my husband was there to pick me up so I didn't have to navigate the train and subway systems alone.
We made it back to our hotel, the InterContinental in Time Square which had a far but good view of the Empire State building.  But the hotel in general was very nice. We had a quick bite in the hotel restaurant and made it back up to our room to turn in.  Just as I was taking my shoes off the phone rings and it is my Husband's boss asking if we want 5th row tickets to War Horse...for free.  Umm Yes!!  So back on the shoes went and we jumped on the subway to Broadway.

The show was incredible!  The only thing I knew going in was that Spielberg made a movie called War Horse but other than that it was an amazing surprise.  I don't want to give anything away but there is a major puppetry component to this show and it is the most fluid, beautiful thing I have ever seen. 
After the show ended, around 11pm, we were so exhilarated by the city that we opted to walk the 22 blocks back to the hotel.  I think it took a little over an hour but it was so enjoyable.  Besides my ears freezing off.  Did I mention it was January??  But the best thing about New York city... lots of 24 hour food options.  So around 1am we found ourselves in a diner eating coconut cream pie.  Yep, that's how we roll. 
Closest I got to her.
The next day we had to fit in every attraction we wanted to hit since we really only had half a day Sunday since I would be flying back.  My number one sight to see, the Statue of Liberty, and it was closed for reconstruction. Just my luck.  So off to number two we went.  The Museum of Natural History.  We took to the streets and walked most of the way there and hit a food cart for breakfast, who knew?
The Museum was huge.  It took hours to walk through.  The highlights can be seen below (pictures are way better than my words):

Across the street from the museum, Central Park.  We walked through; however, I was slightly disappointed.  Now in my defense we do not experience four seasons in Southern California so I did not at all take into account that it was winter in New York.  So, when I looked out over the park and all of the trees were bare and not covered in the awesome fall leaves that are in every movie, I was bummed.

Regardless we walked through and saw the boat house I recognize from many movies and saw lots of street performers.  We sat on the rocks above the outdoor ice skating rink for awhile and then made our way back through the city. 

 We stopped at one of a billion pizza places along the way.  I didn't catch the name, but I also despise thin crust pizza so I didn't really make an effort to remember either.  Sorry. After pizza we headed to Canal Street.
We arrived and it felt just like The Ally in Los Angeles, but a little more sketchy and with a lot less variety.  I could have totally skipped this in retrospect but we were there so I was determined to buy something and to haggle for it.  Literally every store had the same purses, shoes, watches, and cheap clothes so I decided to go for a purse.  I found one I wanted and went to work.  Haggling freaks my Husband out, so I was on my own.  The asking price was $23 and I decided my price was $18.  I went in low.  "$15"  I said holding the bag up to the cashier.  She shook her head and said "$20".  I pretended to mull it over, "$18".  I rebutted.  She retorted with a quick "$20".  I looked at my Husband and shook my head no (all for the benefit of the negotiation), and I hung the bag up.  I make it to Him as he is saying "It's okay babe, $20 is fine.  Get it." as I shove him towards the door I say "I will."  Which of course completely confused him.  Until the cashier says "Ok, $18."  I smiled at my husband and turned around to claim my prize.  This was obviously a good moment for me.  I don't think men quite understand the high of bargaining.  Now that our Canal Street mission was complete and the sun was beginning to set we jumped on the subway and head over to the Twin Tower memorial.  But we weren't aware you needed reservations and they were on the last tour anyway.  So we viewed the new buildings but couldn't see the memorial because it was fully fenced in.
The site however was right next to Wall Street so we walked around a bit as the sun dipped behind the buildings and the chilly night set in.  After a few pictures on the steps we headed back to the hotel and caught dinner down the street at O'Donoghue's Time Square.  The food was good, but the service was awful and it wasn't even busy (I have since been told that is to be expected in the city), doesn't fly with me though. 
The next day we stuck closer to Time Square since I was leaving around 2pm.  We did take the subway to 5th Avenue so I could see FAO. Schwarz.  Total let down besides the giant piano, by the way.  The Toys R' Us in Time Square was cooler. 
Anyway, while we were on 5th Avenue we found ourselves wondering into Tiffany's and some other high end stores.  No purchases of course.  We wandered back to Time Square as the looming hour of departure crept ever closer.  We stopped at a fancy burger place for lunch.  So expensive and just okay really.  When we were back in Time Square I sat up on the red steps (they light up red) I don't know if they are always there, while my husband had a quick meeting.  And then the trip was over as quickly as it began.
View from the "red stairs".
Reflecting on my trip, there were a few other things I would have liked to squeeze in, like the Statue of Liberty or maybe the Empire State building, and another show.  I really had the most fun just running around the subway and trying to chase the right train down with my husband.  But all in all, that was enough New York for me.  I am not a big city girl.  I like living 30 miles out of Downtown la.  It is perfectly close enough.  Life was too fast paced in the city. Fine for touring the way we did, but it would totally stress me out to run at that pace all the time.

Destination:  New York City
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