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Aug 19, 2011

Movie Review: The Help


I believe I am officially an Emma Stone fan.  She did a great job in The Help, a movie set in the 1950-60s area in Jackson Mississippi during the end of segregation.  Although Emma Stone was wonderful she very much shared the leading roles with Viola Davis who played Aibileen, a house maid for a friend of Skeeter's (Emma Stone).
The film is about Skeeter finding her niche in the writing world.  She is told to write something that irks her and she decides the treatments or better yet mistreatment of the house maids will be her subject.  After asking Abilileen to help with her book she builds a friendship with Aibileen and Mini (another maid) and we get to see their stories lived out and how the social climate of the time effected the house maids first hand.
There are lots of laughs, a couple tears, and many cringing moments.  In all, it was a great movie not too depressing, because of the lovable characters.  So, don't be afraid it is too heavy or sad to watch because it is not.  Go see it! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Emma Stone is too cute. I loved her in Crazy Stupid Love.