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Feb 1, 2013

Another Night in San Diego

So the Hub was down in San Diego for work again and we decided I should take the train down to meet him on Friday.  I jumped on the Amtrak after work and wobbled my way down the tracks.  We sprung for a business class seat so I had lots of leg room and FREE snacks and drinks :).  After a 4.5 hour ride I found myself in Downtown being picked up by my smokin' man. 
We spent the one and only night at the Marriott Coronado.  I actually really liked the room.  I have a preference towards large cavernous rooms and this was one of them.  High ceilings, king size bed, small sitting area, huge patio overlooking the pool and the harbor, and a bathroom with a huge jacuzzi tub.  The sheets were like crawling in between two slices of butter they were so smooth and comfy.  Since it was late when I got there we ordered room service for dinner which came quickly.  It was on par for room service food.  Nothing notable.
In the morning we woke up to ducks in the moat between our patio and the pool.  With some left over french fry bits we were able to see how friendly these ducks could be.

When we finally got our things together and were finished feeding the ducks we checked out and headed out to feed our own bellies.  We picked The Mission in downtown and when we arrived it looked like an hour wait so we headed into Old Town to see what was there and found nothing but 10,000 Mexican restaurants.  So after accidentally ending up back at The Mission (long story) we waited what was then the 30 minutes (it was obviously meant to be).  We were seated outside and even though it was a little chilly I ordered the Mocha shake.  So good!  My Hub ordered the strawberry granola pancakes and I had the french toast, both with the eggs and double smoked bacon on the side.  The food was so worth the wait!  What a delicious brunch.
After brunch we headed to the Fashion Valley Mall and did a bit of walking around.  It took forever to park and the stores are all pretty high end so we just windowed shopped.  It wasn't all that amazing but if you are a real shopper than it might be just what you are looking for.
Around 3 o'clock we headed out of town and to a friend's birthday party in Irvine.  It was a quick trip with a free nice hotel room and a great brunch.  Always fun to get out of town, even for a short while.  And catching a sunset like this on the way home makes quite a good end to the trip.


San Diego, Ca

Points of Interest:
Marriott Coronado  http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sanci-coronado-island-marriott-resort-and-spa/
The Mission  http://www.themissionsd.com/
Fashion Valley Mall  http://www.simon.com/mall/fashion-valley

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