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Apr 29, 2013

Inn of The Seventh Ray (Topanga Canyon, Ca)

Saturday morning my Husband and I were supposed to be out of town for the weekend.  But since he dropped the ball on making reservations and everywhere we wanted to go was booked we were just home sitting on the couch.  So to make up for my disappointment my Husband suggested that we go to this restaurant I have been wanting him to try, for lunch.  The Inn of the Seventh  Ray.  It sounds totally hippy/bohemian, and it kind of is but not in a way that makes you feel awkward. 
I had been once before,  with my mom and sister, but it is such a romantic spot I was dying to go back with my Husband.  To set the scene it is mostly an outdoor restaurant set up against the mountain side along a creek.  As if this isn't enough, they have formed the seating areas following the natural shape of the mountain side and have added beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. Everything feels very organic.  In addition to the natural beauty there are fountains, white lights in the trees, tables under gazebos, large clear cabanas with sheer white curtains flowing down from them, and fresh flowers on every table.  It is just beautiful.

We were seated facing the creek (which isn't running this time of year, but has some water).  We watched the butterflies, birds, and squirrels running through the trees as we ate. Now let me warn you here, this is one of the few places in Los Angeles where life really slows down.  So your meal will be at least an hour and a half.  Ours was a little over two hours.  So be prepared for this, everything is cooked fresh as you order, meaning it is delicious but takes a long time to make it to your table.  And as a native socal resident you might have to prep yourself for this. 
To the meal...
Warm Brown Rice

To start we each ordered a soup.  I had the Raw Soup, which is cucumber soup with apple slices and avocado.  It is a cold soup that has a ton of flavor!  Totally makes me nostalgic for Fiji where I was introduced to these cold soups.  My Husband went for the St. Germains hot tomato soup.  It was also very good.  For the entree I had the Vegetarian Quiche, which was sooo good.  Very cheesy, and dense, and also not in a crust so it is different than you might expect but very good.  My Husband had the Warm Brown Rice and boy was that tasty.  To me it sounds totally bland but it was incredibly flavorful.  I have to say every dish I have had here has been extremely tasty.  However, the desserts are oddly consistently disappointing.
Vegetarian Quiche 

Both this time and the last I was let down by the desserts.  I am really confused by this, but don't let it deter you from anything else they have. Just let me save you the $8 or so that the desserts are.  And I'll tell you the first time we had the cheesecake, and the apple crisp, which were both okay but not really good.  This time my Husband had the sorbet (which was more like ice cream) and it was okay since it is hard to mess up ice cream.  But I had the almond brulee and it was awful.  The shell was way to thick and the "custard" was runny and had an overall gross gritty flavor and texture. 
I really do suggest this place,overall it has an amazing setting and fantastic food!!  Just steer clear of dessert.  

Destination: Topanga Canyon, Ca

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