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Aug 17, 2013

Wicked Way Cafe (Westlake, Ca) UPDATE: CLOSED

The most amazing find was made by my hungry husband Yesterday.  He was headed to Del Taco for lunch and ended up parking in front of the Wicked Way Cafe. After eating lunch there instead and chatting with the Chef he decided that it was a must share place.  So he insisted on going for Breakfast this morning.  And boy am I glad he did!
We drove over to Westlake and pulled into a strip mall where this amazing foodie treat is camouflaged between a nail salon and a retail store.  We decided to sit outside at one of their cute two tops since the weather was perfect.  When I opened the menu to pick my poison for the morning I realized it was not going to be an easy choice.  Everything sounded amazing!
I finally decided on The George Lopez.  A spicy chorizo breakfast burger, with pepper jack cheese, fried egg, and jalapenos.  YUM!  My husband went for the classic Porky pancakes.  Which are huge pancakes sprinkled with meat.  It's a man's meal.  Not to say that I didn't make a good dent in those too.
At the cafe you take your order up to the counter and then they bring it out when it is ready.

Everything was so ridiculously good!  I immediately began telling everyone about it, and honestly I would be totally fine with making this a regular Saturday morning thing.  At least until I have tried every last thing on the menu.  This place has spunk, attitude, and the skill to back it up.  Try it! You will not regret it!

Westlake, CA

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Wicked Way Cafe

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