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Aug 7, 2013

Lake Arrowhead/Lake Gregory, Ca

Summer is almost over and we have finally had the time to get out of town.  For the day.  Our summer plans went from being: two weeks in Europe, to a weekend in Vegas, to a night in Ojai, to one day in Lake Arrowhead/Lake Gregory.  So obviously my husband has been VERY busy.  Which is good but has left me with little to share this summer.  But I will take what I can get.
So Friday morning my husband had taken the day off and we decided we wanted to go to the beach.  Well, while checking the weather we couldn't help but noticed how dark and gray the live cam was so we started rethinking.  I through out Lake Arrowhead thinking that there was really no chance he was going to go for that but he did!  So we jumped in the car in our beach wear with our pool rafts and headed towards Lake Arrowhead.  It was a little over two hours getting there but it was 10am so the drive was pretty easy (minus the ticket we got for using the phone...).  When we made it to the lake, you kind of drive right into the middle of town and I spotted the visitor center and suggested we stop to ask where a beach was, but my husband being of the male species said "Nah.  How hard could it be to find a beach around a lake?"  So we drove around like 15 minutes before he gave up and we went back to the visitor center.  
I could tell when he walked out that something was wrong.  And when he said "their not open" I thought okay the office is closed we will just have to ask around.  But no no the beaches are no longer open to the public...  They used to have one but now Lake Arrowhead is entirely private.  So luckily Lake Gregory was only 10 minutes or so back so we turned around.  We made it to our destination and walked up to the tickets taker for the lake with our rafts and she said "That's ten bucks and you can't take the rafts in."  So back to the car, put the rafts away, try again.  We made it in and the lake was great!  It was much smaller, therefore, much warmer.  The little beach wasn't crowded at all.  They had a food stand on the beach.  It was 80 degrees out it was absolutely perfect.  And awesome to have a different beautiful "beach" view. We some how managed to not take any pictures...this was really a go with the flow day.  Leave the phones in the car and just enjoy each other.  All that to say, thank you Google:

After a few hours on the beach we spotted a Mexican restaurant across the way and we can never really resist Mexican food.  So we walked across the street to La Cocina De Tony. This restaurant has obviously been here for a long time so it's not fine dining that's for sure.  But it is totally fine after a beach day and has a great view of the lake.  The salsa was awesome!  The food was pretty good.  I got shrimp tacos that were just so so but the Hubby loved his Carne Asada burritio.  After our meal we decided to head back over to Lake Arrowhead to kill some time before jumping on the freeway for Friday traffic. We walked through Lake Arrowhead Village, which is super cute and had tons of cool and some unexpected stores.  We grabbed frozen yogurt from McDonald's (they have an ice cream shop but no frozen yogurt there).  After making a mess with my chocolate dipped cone I embarrassingly had to rinse off before we could continue our walk.  We stopped and watched all the ducks and ducklings for awhile and then just sat down at the water line for awhile.
It was really a fantastic, leisurely day.  It didn't cost us much.  Just $10 for the beach, around $35 for lunch and $4 for ice cream.  The biggest cost was gas and time on the road but we love getting away.  And even though we didn't have time to spend the night it was a perfect day trip. There is really something to be said for changing your scenery.  We will definitely be going back!

Lake Gregory

Points Of Interest:
The Beach   http://www.cityofcrestline.com/lakegregory.html
La Cocina De Tony   http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-cocina-de-tony-crestline

Lake Arrowhead

Point of Interest:
The Village   http://www.lakearrowhead.com/village.html

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