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Aug 8, 2014

Tips for Traveling Europe

We have almost completed our 3 week adventure through Europe. Starting just outside the EU in London. From there to Paris. On to Rome, then Florence, and finally Venice. These are some things I have picked up along the way.
- use Travelocity + Retailmenot for booking hotels
- use tripadvisor city guide apps for hotel reviews, as well as restaurant and itinerary suggestions.
- if your phone is in a case the compass will probably point you in the wrong direction...
- getting cash from an atm is usually "cheaper" then credit card fees. Check with your bank and credit cards!!! (Some Amex cards have no foreign transaction fees)
-city bikes are great use them (you can do it!)
-the underground (metro) pretty easy to traverse and super useful
- the pound has a higher exchange rate than the EU and on top of that London is not cheap.
- be at Notre Dame at opening time 7:45am and it's a great experience
- again the metro is great
- make sure to see the Eiffel tower at night, at the top of any hour.
- if you can afford it, take a tour (or three) with The Roman Guy. You don't wait in lines and get to see things you otherwise would not. Like the dungeons and 3rd floor of the colosseum and the sistine chaple with about 40 people vs 200.
- get free drinking water from ANY fountain
- you don't need to tip. It is included. If you want to tip just a couple euro extra you obviously can.
- go to the river at night to walk the tent line of restaurants and vendors (search for La Ranella)
- see the key hole (Google it)
- take the elevator for St. Peter's. It's worth the 2 euros trust me. Yup sul have 320 stairs to go. And it gets tight. 
- you can pack the big stuff into 3 days of you are prepared to do a lot of walking. Add a day for Pompeii if that's a must for you.
- prepare to actually relax here
- great waking town,  much smaller than you'd think
- go to Micheal Angelo's Piazza for the sunset. It's worth the climb. Bring crackers, cheese, and meat. You will spend a couple hours.
- see David right when it opens you will only wait 30 minutes vs 2 hours and beat the crowds (if you don't pre buy tickets)
- Pisa is a quick and easy day trip from here.
- head to castiglioncello to go to the beach. Exit the train station cross the street to the park walk through then down the steps to your far left and find a free (rocky) pretty beach.
- It's actually hotter here because it's more humid

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