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Mar 15, 2011

Day Trip: Simi Hills Hike (Simi Valley, CA & Thousand Oaks, CA)

This afternoon, late afternoon since it stays light out later now (yay), we took our little dog Jake on a hike.  My Love had taken a bicycle ride to the beginning of this hike earlier and wanted to share the path.  I was shocked at how much open space there was back in these hills between Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks.  It is green rolling hills and mountains all around!
We started our hike in Woodranch, by heading up Martha Morrison Drive from Woodranch Parkway.  Make a right on Circle Knoll and a right on Winncastle and go to the end of the cul de sac.  There you will find a somewhat sketchy alley/fire road type thing next to one of the homes...take that.  Haha.  This hike probably has various different entries, and probably some more designated then this one, but this is the one I know...
Copy and paste this: 34.228299, -118.803148 into Google maps for the actual entrance to this hike.
So, after you find the fire road walk up to the top about 1/2 a mile and you will see Thousand Oaks.  Follow the trail to the left and over the hill, to see it open up into the beautiful lush green mountains.
There are plenty of clear paths to follow from every entrance.
Now fair warning, there is definitely some wild life on this trail, but it seems pretty often traveled so I wouldn't be too concerned.  We saw a handful of bicyclists, walkers and joggers.  But we also saw blue jays, ground squirrels, a bee hive, lizards, and yes a small snake but he was in the brush.  If you don't bother him he shouldn't bother you.  However, we were letting Jake run through the grass and when we saw the snake we figured that probably wasn't the best idea, so from then on he stayed on the path.
This trail is well kept and wide, and looks like it goes quite a long ways.  There are flat areas and hills, I would call this a medium level hike.  We hiked about 3 miles total, but there was at least another 2-3 miles of trail in sight.
I really liked this trail.  It was challenging enough but still enjoyable.  Gorgeous!  And even though you're not supposed to, there are few enough people, that we let Jake off the leash and it wasn't a problem at all.  But, he is well behaved off the leash and we put him back on the leash if other dogs pass just as a precaution.
I will definitely do this hike again, often.  And it is so amazing what you never knew was in your own backyard!

P.S. I will take my camera next time, instead of just the camera on our phones.  And upload some pictures of the wildlife and paths.

Destination: Simi Valley, CA

Points Of Interest: A Mountain Hike


  1. Snakes totally freak me out. I saw one hiking in Wildwood and I ran all the way back to the car. I'm such a wimp but hiking is worth the fear.

  2. For some reason snakes don't bother me too much, I am more afraid of spiders. But if the snake had been out in the open I would have been more nervous!