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Mar 14, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy Heart

The Blockbuster by our house, along with many other locations, is going out of business.  So, they are selling all of their movies for very low prices and we bought a few.  Ok...5.  Crazy Heart was the only one neither of us had seen so we sat down to watch it and WOW was it great!
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Jeff Bridges plays a "past his prime" Country music star named Bad Blake.  He has gone from the top of the charts to playing dives and bowling alleys.  He has also become/been a heavy drinker and is lost in his downward moving life and career.  But at a gig in New Mexico he meets Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who inspires him to re-evaluate his life.
The characters in this story are lovable, and the actors do a wonderful job portraying them.  Jeff Bridges totally deserved the Oscar for this!  And Maggie Gyllenhaal was equally impressive.
The music was also great!  And did a good job moving along and telling the story.
And SURPRISE who knew that Colin Ferrel was in this??   Not us, but he was a welcomed addition to the cast and did a wonderful job.  One of my favorite roles of his.  Not a huge part but a wonderful character.
All in all this movie was fantastic.  I am suggesting it to all of my friends!  This is a must see!

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