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Mar 26, 2011

Movie Review: Black Swan

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So last night we finally made it out to see Black Swan.  We were both really looking forward to seeing it and had heard mostly really good things about it.  However, we were both seriously disappointed.
First of all the movie starts out with some serious steady-cam work (which means it is very bumpy looking, because the camera guy has the camera on his shoulder and is just walking along with the actors).  It made My Love and I nauseous.  After you get over adapting to the bumpy ride there is plenty more to deal with.
Out of all the people that told us how they loved or disliked the movie nobody mentioned the gratuitous amounts of sex and sexual scenes.  And My Love and I are not fans of the amount of crude sex scenes in movies these days, and try to abstain from watching movies with that.  Black Swan was definitely one of these films, it was crude and too much!  And the sexual parts are a huge focus of the movie, but I think the story could have been told without them.
Besides that, there were superfluous characters, especially the mother.  Who seems to be nuts and contributes a lot to the way Nina (Natalie Portman) acts but the mother character is never explained.  No ends are tied, and she was such a crucial character...that was annoying!
With all of the bad, the movie did have a couple things going for it.  The acting was fantastic!!  Even though I did not enjoy many of the scenes the actors definitely sold you what they were trying to.  The movie is very creepy and weird and it makes you feel weird when it is finished.  So...I guess that is good...
It was a very artsy film with attributes we didn't appreciate, especially from a moral stand point.  But interesting nonetheless.  I am glad we waited until it was in the $3 theater to watch it.  And I don't ever feel the need to see it again, nor do I feel like you would be missing out if you don't see it.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I am glad I didn't see it, and I wont waste my time watching it on Netflix.