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Mar 30, 2011

Brick Oven Cafe (New Orleans, LA)

Photo From:http://www.brickovencafe.biz/
This place we found on a whim...and it was a great find!  The location is perfect if you are coming from or going to the airport.  We were going to...but we were early and hungry so we stopped at the first place we saw.  The Brick Oven Cafe.
We made a u-turn and parked to go in, but the area did seem a little sketchy, however it is New Orleans so I guess that is to be expected a bit.  When we made it inside the restaurant we were not promptly greeted and had to seat ourselves.  The Bartender told us "I will get to you when I get to you".  We were a bit taken aback by his blunt attitude but we were hungry and already sitting.
We looked through the menus we had grabbed ourselves and he came over and took our drink orders and brought them pretty quickly.  He told us he was the only one working the semi-busy restaurant and he would do what he could.  He had a very dry humor but it actually made us love him.
Photo From:http://www.brickovencafe.biz/4562.html
My Love and I ordered a bowl of minestrone to share.  It was different then normal minestrone but still good.  For our entrée we decided we had to try one of their pizzas (since it is a pizza place).  So we ordered the Florentina.  Which is made with homemade marinara, mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, red onions, and spinach, topped with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. It was and is still the best pizza I have ever had!  It wasn't cheap $14 but it was big enough to share between 3 people, so $14 divided by 3 is not too bad.  And it was well worth it!  I would pay $25 for that pizza.  My Love agreed that it was fantastic, maybe not the best he has ever had (he has traveled much more than me) but still fantastic!
Brick Oven is definitely somewhere you could drive right by and never notice, but don't!  Make sure if you are ever around the New Orleans Airport that you stop here and order a delicious pizza.

Destination: New Orleans, LA

Point of Interest:
Brick Oven Cafe http://www.brickovencafe.biz/
Florentina Pizza

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