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Mar 22, 2011

Safire (Camarillo, CA)

Photo From: http://www.chewingthroughlife.com/
Today, we went to Safire for somewhat of a family event.  We have been here a few times before and it is always exciting to go but almost always disappointing.
This restaurant is really nice and pretty expensive ($13 for my sandwich today).  So when you walk into a restaurant like this you expect the food to be up to par.  But...it hasn't been, for the most part.
Every time we go to this restaurant we order Oysters on the Half Shell to start.  Today, and many other times there was a lot of grit in the oysters.  And that really almost ruins it for me.  And My Love had never tried oysters before so when he got the grit in the one he tried today I think that was the simultaneous beginning and end of his oyster eating days.  After sharing the oysters we each ordered a soup to start.  I had the special a Shrimp Bisque with Curry and it actually was very good.  It had a good amount of kick to it from the curry and one shrimp.  My Love had the Crock of French Onion Soup which normally comes with a crust covering the entire top but only came with a few pieces of bread on top.  Either way, he said it was very good.  We both finished every last bite...or sip.
For my entrée I ordered a Tuna Melt.  The sandwich itself is open faced aka one piece of bread.  The tuna mixture was tasty but dry.  Along with the sandwich came a pickle that was on all accounts still mostly cucumber.  And I like a good deli pickle that hasn't been soaked in vinegar all day but it still has to be at least 60% pickle and this was maybe 30% pickle.  Disappointing.  Furthermore, my side was French fries my little cheat from my healthier diet but they didn't have ranch dressing.  My dip of choice.  Who doesn't carry ranch??  Well, my lunch stunk but My Love's was pretty good.  He had the Pan Roasted Half Chicken Madeira.  My Love basically licked the plate clean.  So maybe it was only my lunch that royal stunk but only half good food is not really good enough for a $50 plus bill.
Full Size Creme Brulee
Photo From: Carmen P. via Yelp.com
We tried to save the meal with dessert.  My Love ordered a Cappuccino which is kind of cheating when it comes to dessert, so he doctored it with some sugar and made it good for him.  I got a real dessert, that was really not good.  I ordered the Mini Creme Brulee.  The size was good for one.  But it was served cold which is not the way I prefer.  And worst of all it was only half cooked.  The bottom half was completely liquidized.  Boo, I should have just stopped with the soup.  In addition to our desserts, I had a bite of the Cheesecake of the Day that someone else ordered.  And, big surprise that too was a disappointment!  I was so bummed.  It is the worst when you are looking forward to a nice meal at a nice restaurant and are completely disappointed.  The only thing that helped sooth my pain...was that we weren't paying.
As a date spot, I would avoid it.  It looks nice inside and out but the food just stinks at least half the time.  Which to me is not good enough odds.
My suggestion try somewhere else and tell me where to go.

Destination: Camarillo, CA

Point of Interest: 
Safire http://www.safirebistro.com/   (2 out of 5 stars)
Oysters on the Half Shell (Don't Suggest)
Shrimp Bisque with Curry
Crock of French Onion Soup
Tuna Melt (Don't Suggest)
Pan Roasted Half Chicken Madeira
Mini Creme Brulee (Don't Suggest)
Cheesecake of the Day (Don't Suggest)

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  1. Yeah, I've only been twice and after the second time decided not to go back. It's too expensive the the quality of food.
    I feel the same way about Lure which just opened in Camarillo. Everyone had been raving about it but I was disappointed.