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Apr 7, 2011

Out To Eat: Moorpark Country Club (Moorpark, Ca) "Take Two"

Well, like I said in the first post about Moorpark Country Club, we dine here often.  On this occasion I actually remembered to take pictures of our meals so I wanted to share.
On this trip My Love actually got me out on the driving range before we ate.  I hit a small bucket of balls, well I hit most of them.  Half landed no further then 20ft away, but I tried.  And I found out that My Love is a pretty darn good teacher.  With his help I got better and better.  I had a pretty good time, but when I was finished I was ready to eat because it was cold outside and I was hungry!
Recently, they added a few new things to the menu so I decided to be adventurous and try one of them.  I ordered the Mediterranean Burger.  The burger sounded delicious!  It has spinach, bell peppers, zucchini, pesto, and mozzarella cheese and it is all on a big ciabatta roll.  And I of course ordered their amazing fries on the side.  When the burger was served you can't help but say "how am I supposed to eat this?"  It was huge!!  But, you figure it out.  The burger itself was pretty good.  Not as flavorful as I expected or maybe would prefer but good nonetheless.  I think because their meat is so good the flavor of the patty kind of takes over sometimes. It might of helped if they cooked the meat with some wine or something.  Or maybe if they cooked down the spinach and peppers in garlic and butter before they put it on.  Regardless, the burger taste good, but there are many more flavorful things on the menu I would probably order first.
My Love decided to order something he had never had yet either, all though it is not new.  He got the Ruben Sandwich with onion rings on the side.  This sandwich is made with thinly sliced pastrami, swiss cheese, tomatoes, sauerkraut and the house made all spice sauce.  My Love said the sandwich was very good but he still prefers the Stuffed Chicken because it is healthier.  He is very health conscious.  But he did say that the onion rings were really good!  I am personally not a fan of pastrami so I didn't try this one.

Destination: Moorpark, CA

Point of Interest: 
Mediterranean Burger
Ruben Sandwich

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