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I am a new wife and a new addition to the adult world. I have finally started my career as a teacher and I am trying to live my life while waiting for the next step (house and family). I am trying to keep up with my love for writing. I do it because it allows me to relive an adventure already taken or to create an experience I may not have had. I am currently teaching, trying to write a book, working on this blog, and loving on my adorable and awesome husband.

Aug 16, 2011

Mixing it up

So, I know I have not been very active in the last couple of months and work is making it a bit more difficult to write...and to go on trips.
So, I was thinking of expanding this page to my new venture which will be "learning" how to cook by trying to make at least 3 dinners a week.  AND adding my craft adventures.  As I am now addicted to pinterest.com and it has given me a million different ideas for crafts I must do! (Starting with this one...pictured)
So, for the 2 of you out there reading this, shall I add or would that veer too much away from my intended purpose???

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