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Jul 30, 2012

Vacation/Day Trip: San Diego

So this trip was kind of unplanned. My Love has had a new job for the last year which he travels a lot for. It kind of stinks that he is gone so much but on the rare occasion that I get to tag along it can be a nice adventure.
This one was close to home. Relatively. We drove down on a Saturday morning and I left Sunday afternoon, he stayed for the week. Because his work was paying for the room we were able to stay in a pretty nice hotel. We stayed at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, right next to the convention center and more importantly for me Seaport Village.

Being a Southern California native I have visited San Diego a few times and I love walking around Seaport Village. There are a bunch of cute little unique shops and a few restaurants to indulge in. While My Love was in a conference, boo, I was able to slip right out the back of our hotel and walk down the boardwalk to Seaport Village. It was maybe a mile walk next to the harbor.
I found a cute little jewelry store that I had actually been to with my mom many years before and decided to treat myself to some pretty cz studs. Surprise, My Love!! ;) That's what you get for leaving me alone for an afternoon with nothing to do but shop.
After that we hit the Midway tour. Something we both had always passed by but never stopped to explore. We like stuff like this so we both enjoyed it. And if nothing else it is a great workout. It is miles of walking. Up on the deck there are also some planes to look at. I was kind of done at that point but of course that is what My Love had been waiting to see so I put on a happy face.

After the tour, which took about 2 hours we spent some down time in the hotel. We avoided eating there because it was really expensive. We had grabbed a quick appetizer when we first arrived down by the pool and you get a little for a lot so we went out for dinner.
We asked the concierge where to go and of course he suggested the Gaslamp District. Which is a very neat area. Kind of the nearest downtown and definitely where the night life is.
After a hunt for parking, and a $10 spot we headed over to Urban Bar and Grill. Of course since it was suggested by the hotel this place was pricey too, but well worth it. Let me warn you now when we eat we splurge. We are pretty frugal people as far as activities go but if you are going to spend money on something you have to eat ;)
We each got our own starters. I had the Trio Bruschetta, yum. My Love had the Eggplant & Mozzarella Rolls and that was so Delicious. It comes out looking like an amazing lasagna dish and it's hot and gooey and scrumptious! For our actual meals My Love had the Top Sirloin and I had the Baked Rigatoni. Both were great, but mine was better ;) (I am not a huge fan of red meat). All in all it was a great meal! Expensive yes, but worth it, most definitely!
This was basically a one day trip for me because I left first thing Sunday since My Love had orientation and I didn't really want to hang out on my own all day but it was a great date day!

Destination: San Diego, Ca

Points of Interest:
Gaslamp District http://www.gaslamp.org/
Urban Bar and Grill http://www.urbanbarandgrill.com/

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