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Aug 13, 2012

Honeymoon Part 3: Savu Savu, Fiji

Alright this is going to be the last post for the Honeymoon but if you have any questions let me know!

These activities took place over the next couple of days...

We did a lot of relaxing and what good is a honeymoon without a day at the spa??? That's right we hit up the Rain forest Spa. Appropriately sitting in the middle of the rain forest next to a running water fall. We opted for the couple's massage. And banana leaf wrap.

Those leafs you see, picked from actual banana trees growing right nest to the spa! Talk about fresh! The treatment lasted 2 hours. It included a brown sugar scrub down with coconut oil, followed by the wrap and finished up with the hour full body massage. Oh yeah, it was great!
After that we lounged by the beach awhile until we decided to take a bike ride. The resort had free bikes and the island really only had one road that went around it. So we road, through the intermittent rain (warm island rain, and you're wet from the beach anyway so who cares!). We went about 2 miles until we came to a big beach; which naturally, had a random deserted tiki bar.

Not the most flattering picture of My Love, but he was trying to get me in the background :)
We scavenged the beach for awhile for some cool shells to sneak home. AND we found some that we later put on the counter in our room and then couldn't find... You know that saying "it's not like it grew feet and walked away" well it did. Our shells had hermit crabs hiding inside, so when we found them we relocated them back outside.

The next day we took one of the resort day trips to a local waterfall. This was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life. The waterfall was located in a village and to visit it we had to present the chief of the village with a gift. So we went and bought some Kava root, with our guide, and presented it to the chief. The Chief was a 90+ year old blind man who was so happy to have us there! There was only one other couple with us so we all got to sit in his bungalow on the floor in a circle while he accepted our gift and did a ritual singing and chanting. And even though we didn't understand a word of it and our guide didn't speak this same language it was amazing because the Chief was just smiling and laughing and so
happy the whole time.
After meeting with him we were led to the falls by some more amazingly nice villagers. We played for about an hour and I even rummaged up enough courage to climb up the rocks and jump. It was just an amazing experience!

The whole Fiji trip was great! It was a VERY secluded area. So you don't feel like you are in a tourist town at all. But if you want that "excitement" vs. the relaxation you probably wouldn't enjoy this particular place. Hands down the best part of it was the people. Everyone in and outside of the resort was amazing. Even though it is really a 3rd world area people are so much happier then people here in the states. We think because they have so little they would be sad but they're not! They are free and self sufficient. It was really inspiring!

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